Here We Go…

In an effort to express my inner thoughts (and sarcasm, mind you) about the world around me involving culture, music, work, the last few months of my life heading into marriage, starting a life in ministry while still working in business, etc. I felt it would be best to do so in a healthy way.

Somehow, I figured that would be a blog.  (weird)

Don’t ask me why I felt sharing this with thousands (let’s be honest, dozens if I’m lucky) of people seemed like a good idea, but I went ahead and decided to make the jump.  Sure, I could chat it up with friends from church, or work, or even family members.  However, this provides the luxury to edit prior to delivery.  For those of you who know me, I tend to forget to filter sometimes.

“What’s the purpose?” you might ask.  Well, instead of seeming as if I’m “conspiring” on my own or even “commiserating” with others in my circle of influence about issues I figured I’d put the feelers out there to see what was on people’s minds, more specifically in the Christian community, and see what positive growth comes from it.  The intent of this is not to stew over issues or even try to completely resolve them.  What I do intend to do is get our minds working together on how to work on issues, big or small, together to achieve positive goals and outcomes. Mind you, when I say “working together” I don’t just mean with other Christians.  I mean ALL of us.  “Jesus loves the little children” ring a bell?  That’s all of the people groups.  It’s time to open our eyes and see there’s a whole big world out there outside of our “Christian box” we’ve so delicately built for ourselves filled with great people that share our exact same ideas but just so happen to worship another God, gods, or maybe don’t even worship at all.

Could there be others who feel this way about the randomness and the issues we currently face in the aforementioned areas of life?  Maybe.  Will there be push back?  More than likely so.  Tears, anger, joy, any sort of expressions could come from this adventure in online writing.  Bring ’em on.

Honestly, my goal is to connect us.  A sharing of the minds is what I like to imagine, though that may seem like some grandiose expression when applied to this scenario as there’s really no tangible way to quantify if the minds have all met.

What am I even getting at?  An area of growth is what I am hoping to make this.  I hope to stir all those emotions up.  Why would I want to do this?  To push people past the “comfort zone”.  Growth will never come unless we are pushed outside the “normal” and what we are “used to”.  My hope is that I challenge us, ALL of us (myself included), with my writings.  I’m hoping I touch on things that “you’re not supposed to” or that Christians “shouldn’t talk about”.  Some of my best friends I’ve made have been the ones that weren’t afraid to be REAL.  So, for now, I feel it’s time to put out this introductory post to warn you….this is going to be messy, but this is going to be fun.