Time, Talent, and Treasure

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This week I’d like to take a moment for us focus on where all of our time is going as we start 2013 off on a good foot.  The celebrations of the holidays have all but died down, life is back to the norm (I pray), and work is back in full swing.

I’ll give my personal schedule as an example to kick it off.  I work a full-time job, sometimes up to 80 hours in one week, I’m going to school full-time online which takes up most of my work week evenings (keeping in mind that I’m studying for a degree in Religion so thank God I get a lot of good Bible Study time by just completing courses), I attend one Bible study at the local Church, I try to work out when possible, I fit in life’s duties like grocery shopping, laundry, etc. when I can, and whatever time is left I try to spend as much as I can with my beautiful fiance’.

From an outside point of view without going into the details it seems as if the majority of my week (like most of us) is dedicated to my job, which I do enjoy, and that I’m letting my fiance’ down by giving her the “time scraps”.

Quick side note:  If you personally feel you’re not fulfilling your dream job I would highly suggest reading “Quitter” by Jon Acuff.

I want to take a look at things other than our vocation for this post though.  Why?  Because there are too many variables to be quite honest.  Some of us don’t put as much passion in our work as we should, and some of us are a little over passionate for our jobs which could be detrimental to our relationships and well-being.  In addition there are the cases where what you do for a profession is directly effecting what you feel God’s purpose for your life is and you are truly happy dumping loads of time into that.  I’m currently giving those people an air high-five.

I’m making a point on passion for a reason.  I feel where you put your time, talent, and treasure outside of your vocation (except for the few I mentioned earlier) speaks volumes about who the person, or organization, really is and what they are passionate for.  I’ve been a victim of the “burn-out” when I’ve spread myself too thin.  I’ve been referred to as a hummingbird, honey bee, etc.  I get very excited about doing one fun thing and want to do all these things at once but eventually I burn out and one of those things falls by the wayside, sometimes hurting others in the process.  This past season of my life I had to take a step back and say “Who am I, what’s my purpose, and where do I want this crazy thing called life to head?”

If you are not your job (which I can say most of us are probably not), then what represents you?  What is it that you do with the free time you have out of work.  A great father/mother?  A volunteer?  A person seeking or speaking about God?  A student?  Another intriguing thought would be:  What’s really  stopping you from making that your vocation?  We tend to idolize money, I know I have and sometimes still do.  However, when we set the monetary things aside and realize there’s a bigger purpose for all this is when things start to get a little clearer and life starts to make a wee bit more sense.

They say time is money, right?  Let’s spend that money that we can never get back on the things that really matter.  The best investment with the biggest return is personal relationships!

This week let’s take a step back and see where all that extra time we wish we had is really going.  If it isn’t in line with how you viewed yourself being then it may be time to make a change.  That, my friends, is a New Years resolution worth keeping for a lifetime.

Me, I’m going to give my fiance’ more than just time scraps and give her the appetizer, entrée, and all the side dishes that come with it from now on.  Lord knows she’s worth every bit of my time.