Evangelism…Out With the Old, In With the New: Let’s Bring Back the Old

In the book “Evangelism Is…” by Dave Earley and David Wheeler and the Holy Bible, more specifically in the book of Acts, we learn about evangelism in the early Church going out of its own boundaries and always being present in the daily lives of the common people. The Church seemed to have no fear of judgment or reprimand. Although the Disciples of Christ had a very real possibility of getting jail time, or even martyred as we would later see, this did not stop them from taking the good news of Jesus Christ to the masses.

Jesus himself had an evangelistic style that went beyond what was thought to be “normal” in those days.  Cultural boundaries meant nothing to Him.  He had a great way of being able to relate the gospel to any people group with any background and in any situation.  One example we see is the Samaritan woman at the well getting water (John 4).  In those days Jews would not speak to Samaritans at all due to cultural differences.  However, Jesus went beyond the preset cultural boundaries and related the water she needed from the well to the water of life that the gospel brings.  This would not be the only time we see him relating a physical reality to spiritual issues in scripture.  Jesus also related the birth of a child to a new born in the Christian body to Nicodemus (John 3).  Practical examples were one thing that Christ did best in order to relate his message to the public.

In today’s Church we have seen a rapid decline of taking the gospel outside the physical building of the Church.  Evangelizing within the
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